Monitoring Global Fallout

Monitoring global fallout–a PDF about improving radiological assessment of doses to humans from terrestrial ecosystems.


The NKS B-programme EcoDoses project starthued in 2003 as a collaboration between all the Nordic countries. The aim of the project is to improve the radiological assessments of doses to man from terrestrial ecosystems. The present report sums up the work performed in the second phase of the project. The main topics in 2004 have been: (i) A continuation of previous work with a better approach for estimating global fallout on a regional or national scale, based on a correlation between precipitation and deposition rates. (ii) Fur- ther extension of the EcoDoses milk database. Estimation of effective ecological half lives of 137Cs in cow’s milk focussing on suitable post-Chernobyl time-series. Modelling integrated transfer of 137Cs to cow’s milk from Nordic countries. (iii) Determination of effective ecological half lives for fresh water fish from Nordic lakes. (iv) Investigate ra- dioecological sensitivity for Nordic populations. (v) Food-chain modelling using the Eco- sys-model, which is the underlying food- and dose-module in several computerised deci- sion-making systems.

Sample Tables:

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