The Tainted Dessert, by Valerie Kuletz

In which Ms. Kuletz explores Social / Environmental Racism / Nuclear colonialism.  Nuclear testing ranges, dumps, and research centers tend to be on or near Native American traditional lands and reservation; the marginalized, indigenous inhabitants of a nuclear territory as chosen victims.

  • “The often dispossessed and marginalized people who inhabit these zones of sacrifice have a unique perspective stemming form their firsthand experience with nuclearism and nuclear colonialism.”
  • “Through 1992, when the President halted underground nuclear testing, the United States conducted 1054 nuclear tests, of which 928 occurred at the Nevada Test Site.”
  • Stories about the Moapa reservation (there was a Nevada Test Site less than 60 miles from Moapa homes, separated by a mountain range from which they would watch the explosions)–see also “Tests in the US

Kuletz, Valerie. (1998) The Tainted Desert: Environmental Ruin in the American West. UK: Psychology Press.

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