Three Mile Island weather

Wind speeds in Harrisburg, PA on Wednesday, March 28, 1979, the day of the Three Mile Island disaster:

Wind Speed 8 mph (SSE)
Max Wind Speed 17 mph
Max Gust Speed
Visibility 15 miles

Averages throughout the day:

Charts and Weather History Graph from WeatherUnderground.

In depth research can be found here, in the article entitled “The meteorological setting of the ‘TMI-2’ nuclear accident on 28 March 1979,” by Reinhold Steinacker and Ignaz Vergeiner, of the Departments of Meteorology and Geophysics at the University of Vienna and the University of Innsbruck, respectively:

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1 Response to Three Mile Island weather

  1. Has anyone aka our Government and PLEASE Private Independent Companies Tested soil, water, food, INCLUDING HERSHEY CHOCOLATE and MANY DAIRY + USA FOOD Farms in the Fallout Area, as this would of went into Our Food Chain, Is STILL Going into our Food chain. Is It EVEN BEING MONITORED?? There is NO Safe/Acceptable Level in OUR FOOD.
    I can see Stomach Cancer from Eating Fallout covered Food, and 365 days of eating Locally Grown Food. With What we know, This WHOLE area should NOT be growing ANYTHING, or be putting/making FOOD As the half life of the Radiation is NOT even close to being over. SEE HBO NEW Episodes of Chernobyl…After 3mile, Chernobyl WHY Do we STILL Have ANY Nuclear Power Plants? Then Even Fukushima which is melting down to the Earths Core, and Spilling Radiation Into ALL the Japanese Fish and Pacific Ocean Fish, Crab, Food Supply. NO Nuclear Power. No Nukes in the Ring of Fire. No Nukes should be in Florida with Hurricanes. We Have Solar and Wind. This will keep happening. It KILLS For Many Lifetimes. Just look at what happened to just 1 family on here. Millennial’s need to know this, as I bet NO testing is going on here, and I doubt being down in Japan on that food supply from the Pacific Ocean.

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